Mike Bosch

Mike Bosch is our running coach for the Thursday night interval session. Mike brings with him a lifetime of running experience both at an elite level and within the sport of triathlon. Mike is both enthusiastic and generous and his sessions are inclusive of all abilities.


Pippa Davis

Pippa Davis is our Monday night swimming coach and our Long Course Program Head Coach. Pippa is a qualified Triathlon coach and a Triathlon Technical Official. She is a super passionate and dedicated coach, that loves to see others achieve their goals.


Janine Kaye

Janine Kaye has a number of coaching roles within the club including running our Trystars program, Wednesday night swimming and our Tuesday long interval run session. Janine was also the winner of the TWA Coach of the Year award in 2019. Janine’s enthusiasm for triathlon is contagious and her dedication to coaching is invaluable.


Bill Whalley

Bill Whalley coaches our Summer Friday morning open water swim session. As a member or the Sorrento Surf Club and long time member of North Coast Tri Club, Bill brings with him a wealth of open water swimming experience.