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Juniors Program
Juniors Program

This new program is designed to bridge the gap between Trystars and adult competition. Giving our juniors a continued pathway in their triathlon journey.

We are always training our Junior Triathletes, reach out to us today, to discuss how we can support our Junior athletes. 

Our Juniors Coaches

Kevin Chua

Kevin is our cycling coach. He is a Level 1 Cycling and Triathlon Coach with years of experience and is North Coast’s novice cycling coach.

Janine Kaye

Janine is our run coach. She is a Level 3 Performance Triathlon coach and winner of the Triathlon WA Coach of the Year award in 2019 by running one of the most successful triathlon Development Squads in Australia. Janine’s enthusiasm for triathlon is contagious and her dedication to coaching is invaluable

Wouter Timmerman

Wouter is the program coordinator and our swim coach. He holds a Level 3 Performance Triathlon coach certification. Wouter was a former international junior triathlete for the Belgian team and has coached the Belgian national junior and U23 team on training camps and races.

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