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Ride Etiquette

Ride Etiquette - some things to take note when riding in a group

  1. No lights no ride, if you don’t have adequate back lights you will not be able to ride in the group, it’s still important to be visible to drivers/other riders even as the mornings get lighter. A front light is required. If you’re not sure about your lights ask a buddy for feedback.

  2. Calling out, if the back of the pack call ‘car back’ pass it down the group to the front. If there’s debris/hazard on the road point to it/call out so your friends can avoid it too. If you decide to overtake on the right PLEASE call out either ‘bike right’ or ‘passing right’.

  3. When approaching junctions, call back slowing/stopping, this really helps maintain a safe environment for everyone.If turning right at lights please do not weave through traffic, this can be hard when in bigger groups and will take some practice but we should absolutely be mindful that riders behind us might not make the crossing in the same gap we do.

  4. Remember the rides are for everyone’s enjoyment. If you have suggestions or or constructive feedback it is absolutely welcome and should be directed to a ride Captain, immediately if it’s a safety issue, or to Wouter or Kirstine if it can wait till after the session.

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